The “better late than never” half-slip! Le jupon, un an après!

Last summer I made myself a lovely leopard print dress in a very light blend of silk and cotton fabric. I really love it but was running out of time ( and maybe a bit lazy too! :)) ) to add a lining to the skirt.
I linen the bodice in silk but decided to wear a vintage half slip with the dress as the fabric was really show through.
The half slip did his job well but was only knee lengh and I think the result wasn t as perfect as it should be.
One year after, I really wanted to enjoy fully this lovely dress, without loosing the very comfy airy feel it gives, especially when the temperatures are at their best!
I then decided to use the exact same pattern I used for the skirt, to make a super light beige silk muslin half slip.
I put some lingerie picot edge elastic at the waist for an elegant look and went for a rolled hem ( I made it with a special rolled hem foot on my sewing machine, that was the trickiest part of all the process!).
The result is very nice and efficient, and I will even be able to wear that “transportable lining” under the future dresses I ll make with the same pattern!




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