Last summer in New York i came across this beauty in a department store: a Lanvin turban headband. Very beautiful crepe jersey,wide elastic and that very chic detail: faux leather trapezoid between the fabric and the elastic.

Unfortunatly its price was not really my average acceptable price for this kind of accessorize so I decided to try to make one myself, especially with this faux leather detail.

As I m dreaming about a world where everybody would wear a turban , I m giving you the tutorial HERE!


-15 cm of 2.5 cm wide black elastic.

– 2 pieces of 30cm on 50cm fabric ( you can definitly use any kind of fabric as long as it s not too thick).

-black faux leather : 25 cm on 5 cm.



Fold the pieces of fabric in half along the 50cm side, right side facing right side. Pin, sew in place with a 1 cm Seam Allowance. Turn inside out.

You ll have 2 tubes.


By making a ” cross” like on the picture. Then pin each end of each tube by pair and sew together to make 2 loops.


Put the elastic on the middle of one loop end and sew it in place. Then fold the fabric over the elastic at the top and bottom, pin in place and sew. It can get really bulky and difficult to sew at this stage so take your time with the machine. No worries if your stitches look messy these ones will be hidden later. Do this only on one side for the moment.


Cut 4 trapezoids in the faux leather. They should be 4 cm high and have 7 cm at the base and 4 cm at the top. Draw them like on this picture on the back of the faux leather with white chalk, then cut them.

Take 2 of them and put them wrong side facing wrong side. Sew them together along the sides only with a 5 mm Seam Allowance. You ll get 2 trapezoids with an open base and open top.


Slip one trapezoid over the elastic so that it ll cover your first stitches and sew it in place along the base of the trapezoid through all the layers of fabric plus elastic. Then sew along the top of the trapezoid through the elastic.

It is now time to try the turban on and see how much elastic you ll need to get it at your size. Mark with a pin.Then you can slip the 2 nd trapezoid over the elastic for later and sew the elastic in place on the other loop of fabric ( same as we did before). To finish you just have to put the 2 nd trapezoid in place covering the first stitches and sew it in place along its base and top.


You ve got a lovely Lanvin Style Turban Headband for a tiny fraction of the price!




From Tablecloth to 60′ s A-line dress

I ve been given 2 huge bin bags full of old tablecloth. I usually accept all kinds of vintage fabric, linen, curtains, etc… I know some of them can become very interesting to upcycle.

I ve made some of my favorite dresses from curtains.

I also decided I wanted to sew A-line dresses for my stall next summer at the Brunswick Festival in Hove. They are easy to do, suit and fit most of the people and are timeless.

I decided to give a go with these tablecloth, using an old ” pattern” I found 4 years ago in a tutorial from Elle magazine. It s a very simple pattern, 2 pieces of fabric, front darts at the bust and no closure. The pattern goes for facings around the neckline and armholes, but I decided to sew bias instead. I also rounded a bit the armholes.

In case you are interested to give it a go, here are the patterns, the measurments are in centimeters and DO NOT include the 1.5cm seam allowances.

For the first dress, I choose the fabric I liked less to check first if I liked this pattern.

I must admitt I m quite happy with the result and even made a coordinating Tote Bag for fun!

More A- line dresses to come soon!!!!




CHANEL leather skirt size 40 french, FOR SALE

I really HAVE to tidy a bit my closet and decided to sell this amazing CHANEL LEATHER SKIRT.

I bought it a few years ago, wore it a few times but do not anymore. It s made of lovely quality black ( with tiny glittering effects) lambskin, lined in black silk and has a couture finish by hand in the french CHANEL sewing room in Paris.

It s an A-line shape with 4 inverted pleats (2 on the sides, one on the back, one on the front), a very pretty invisible zipper, a hook and eye and the subtile CHANEL double C at the front .

The price is really low for that kind of garment: 180€ plus postage (recorded signed for ) because of the small ( around 1 cm) rip at the back of the skirt at the top of the inverted pleat. I also think that the bottom of the leather on the zipper has been restitched on a few centimeters ( not by me as I also bought it second hand). Appart from that the condition is really good. Payment with Paypal. The original cost for such a garment is over 1800€.

The size is 40 ( 12 UK SIZE) , in my opinion , it s a good 40.

Feel free to contact me for more details and for shipping price information ( I will apply the effective postal cost depending on the country)

Don t miss this incredible bargain to own a CHANEL garment for a tiny fraction of the real price!