Amazing news! My collaboration with the multitalented artist Danielle de Picciotto

I am very proud, honnored and excited to announce my collaboration with the beautiful, multitalented artist Danielle De Picciotto .

She is a lovely human and such a brilliant creative personn.

I wish her all the best for the Etsy shop she just oppenned with Alexander Hacke.


“We are opening our very own etsy store. Alexander Hacke and I will be offering rare self printed posters, silkscreens, drawings and collaborations with other artists. My first collaboration is with the wonderful Muriel Grimont with whom I have put together a small collection of embroidery sets of my drawings! You can either order a finished embroidery or do it yourself -there is nothing nicer to do on a rainy afternoon… I have always loved embroidery so this is very exciting for me – enjoy <3”


Danielle de Picciotto


Here is Danielle and Alexander' s Etsy Shop



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