Tote Bag Embroidery Kit with my Bestseller on Etsy

Thinking of a new version of the absolute #bestseller of my #etsyshop

A #totebag #embroiderykit of the #summer #tattooedlady

Can t make up my mind between the #gold #rickrack or the #red #pompom border… ✨OR❤ Let me know what you think guys! #vintagemadbym #pinup #bettypage




Here it is!

My first #ToteBag #embroiderykit. Love how it looks, beautiful but uncommun at the same time. Plus EVERYBODY CAN MAKE IT!

You can find it in my #etsyshop



The AUTUMN TATTOOED LADY Embroidery Kit out and for sale in my Etsy Shop!!!!

👻👻👻 THE AUTUMN TATTOOED LADY #EmbroideryKit is OUT! And for sale in my #etsyshop #halloween #goth #bat #spider #spiderweb #fall #silverhair #embroidery #embroideryhoop #moon #silver #vintagemadbym



Automn Tattooed Lady kit! Released on the 21 rst of September!

Can t wait to show you the #automn #tattooedlady #embroiderykit …. I put a #skeletontree in the #embroidery as a reference to #nickcave amazingly beautiful new record. #bats #spider #spiderweb #moon #moonlight

You still can find the Spring and Summer Ladies in my Etsy Shop:



Amazing news! My collaboration with the multitalented artist Danielle de Picciotto

I am very proud, honnored and excited to announce my collaboration with the beautiful, multitalented artist Danielle De Picciotto .

She is a lovely human and such a brilliant creative personn.

I wish her all the best for the Etsy shop she just oppenned with Alexander Hacke.


“We are opening our very own etsy store. Alexander Hacke and I will be offering rare self printed posters, silkscreens, drawings and collaborations with other artists. My first collaboration is with the wonderful Muriel Grimont with whom I have put together a small collection of embroidery sets of my drawings! You can either order a finished embroidery or do it yourself -there is nothing nicer to do on a rainy afternoon… I have always loved embroidery so this is very exciting for me – enjoy <3”


Danielle de Picciotto


Here is Danielle and Alexander' s Etsy Shop




Get ready for spring!

A funny embroidery and sewing kit, suitable for beginners but challenging enough for more experience seamstresses.


Luscious Valerie And Ida Flower Power on KOLLABORA!


Downloadable PDF Embroidery Patterns for just 5$ !



I NEED YOUR VOTE!!!!! METALLIC RED OR GOLD???? For this Lady s hair!

Please go to #kollabora and vote for the SCARF LADY hair color.

The majority will win!

Click here!



I am so proud and honnored to have my work featured on Kollabora!

It is just the first steps but there will be lots of new patterns to download shortly and also tutorials! Please take a look:



Thanks to all of you for entering the competition!

The Winner is……….

✂️✂️✂️Sophia Rayman!!!!!✂️✂️✂️

Sophia could you please email you which embroidery kit you would like between the ones pictured below, and your shipping address.

Sorry for the ones who didn't win, but the good news are:

I put plenty of new embroideries and embroidery kits design in my Etsy shop.

And you can still get 20% off your purchase in my Etsy shop with the code :


For any order placed before the 20 th of february!

Winter is the best season for needlework, so: KEEP ON STITCHING!!!!!