Automn Tattooed Lady kit! Released on the 21 rst of September!

Can t wait to show you the #automn #tattooedlady #embroiderykit …. I put a #skeletontree in the #embroidery as a reference to #nickcave amazingly beautiful new record. #bats #spider #spiderweb #moon #moonlight

You still can find the Spring and Summer Ladies in my Etsy Shop:





Maila Nurmi aka Vampira is one of my fav icon and definitly represents a beautiful mix of the woman' s aesthetics I like.

Her long black hair, her perfectly framed face, her amazing eyebrows, her surreal figure, all wrapped in total Goth presence, are close to my idea of perfection.

I ve been dreaming for a while to get a ragged sleeves dress like her, but couldn t find the time, motivation or courage to begin to sew one.

I thought going to the Première of Shell Shock ( an Opera written by Nicholas Lens and Nick Cave) in Brussels this week would kick me enough to finish it for this very special occasion, but a ( even two in less than a month) bad flu plus all kinds of stupid excuses ruined my plans.

I wanted my Vampira dress to be made of velvet, not the easiest fabric to sew! And to achieve my trash- posh side, SILK velvet! Before ruining an expensive fabric I chose to make a kind of muslin out of cheap velvet, and here is the result:


Not too bad for a muslin, but a few things will need alterations:

I didn t have enough fabric to make the sleeves as long as I wanted so I think the dramatic effect is not reached and it looks a bit more like a squaw dress, lol!

I was a bit lazy at the end, and as every seamstress should know : YOU LL HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR LAZINESS SOONER THAN YOU THINK! Well I didn t take the time to grade properly the waist seam and it shows by adding bulkiness in this delicate area!

Also I m not so sure about the princess seam for the bodice, I ll need to make an other try maybe with darts.

Next step after I m totally done with the perfect muslin, might be to use the amazing silk velvet waiting in my drawers…..FREAKY!!!


A SPECIAL DRESS FOR A VERY SPECIAL EVENT:My Jubilee Street dress for the Barbican Gala preview of 20,000 Days on Earth with Nick Cave.

Next week is taking place a very special gala at the Barbican in London for the UK release of 20,000 days on Earth.

“Get up close with the creative team behind the film 20,000 Days on Earth, in this exclusive red carpet preview screening followed by a unique live experience and Q&A with directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard and special guests including Nick Cave, Warren Ellis and Barry Adamson live.

A bold portrait of one of music’s most mysterious and charismatic figures – Nick Cave – 20,000 Days on Earth was one of the highlights at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where it was awarded the Directing Award and Editing Award in World Cinema Documentary. This is your chance to be part of a unique celebration, packed with surprises and stories from behind the scenes, ahead of the film’s nationwide release by Picturehouse Entertainment on 19 September.

The event will also be broadcast live to cinemas across the UK and Ireland.”

This is how the evening is announced on the Barbican s website.

I am amongst the lucky peps who succeeded to get a ticket for this very promising evening and am hugely looking forward to it.

I decided I couldn t go without making a special dress for that unique event and chose to make a ” Jubilee Street” themed dress as this song is very present in 20,000 days on Earth.

I wanted something classic in the pattern but quirky and chic at the same time. So I just embroided a quote of the song in Gold thread over a black fluid fabric.

And here it is!


My Nick Cave version of the Betsy Bag, tutorial from Para Noire.

This handbag pattern is an absolut must have.

I just love it, it s so versatile and you can use it in so many different ways ( i already made it in printed cotton, luxurious black velvet, vintage fabric from old curtains, and this time silk)

I wanted a special, small and light handbag to take with me for the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds gigs I will attempt in a few weeks in the US.

I decided to personalize it with the name of their last record: Push the Sky Away and to embroider it in blue black sequins with gold thread .

Here is the result!


You will find the tutorial with the free pattern here:

A personnalized zipper pouch, video tutorial from Craftsy

I really love zipper pouches, they are very practicle to use and you never have too much, but they also are very nice handmade gifts for friends.

I wanted to make something special for someone very special: the son of a friend of mine.

That boy, Tristan, (aka Mini Nick!) is a talented artist, doing painting, drawings, music, videos and even writing beautiful texts.

I then decided to simply use the title of his last miscellany and to embroider it on the front of the pouch.

I just wrote a few words inside to make it even more personnal.

The fabric I used outside is a vintage linen sheet that I dyed.

I really love how this turns out as the colour is not perfect but it s a living colour.

Having already dyed a lot of vintage sheets , I know it will even evolved and change with the time and sun exposure.

I used this very good video tutorial from Craftsy, it s one of their free mini classes and like all their classes , it is clear and very well done.,5

It is also a very good start on how to put a zipper for someone who never did it before……

I met Tristan and his lovely parents in Lyon last summer at an amazing gig of Nick Cave and really hope to share more moments like this one with them in the future…….




TUTO: The ultimate pin cushion! LE porte-épingles indispensable!

This tutorial is based on a very nice and perfect tutorial from the lovely blog Stone Cold Comfort:
It s the Ultimate pincushion as it s pretty big ( you can decide of the size you really want) and it s ballasted with dried grain ( in mine I simply put rice) and that simple detail makes it very convenient to use as it s not moving all around your sewing table.
I won t rewrite the tutorial as it s very well explained and really suggest you click on the link above, I m just gonna show you the different steps in mine WE REAL COOL Ultimate Pincushion!

Ce tutoriel est basé sur l excellent tutoriel du très beau blog Stone Cold Comfort.

C est le porte épingle indispensable car il est grand ( vous pouvez vraiment le faire à la taille que vous souhaitez), et il est lesté avec des céréales ( pour le mien j ai tout simplement utilisé du riz), et ce simple détail le rend très pratique dans la mesure où il ne se promène pas dans tous les sens sur votre table de travail.

Je ne vais pas réécrire le tutoriel car il est très bien fait, et je vous invite à clicker sur le lien ci dessus. Je vais simplement vous montrer les différentes étapes de mon porte épingle WE REAL COOL!

I wanted my pincushion to look very special and reflect what I love, that s why I ve chosen the first line of Nick Cave s song WE REAL COOL:
Who took your measurements from your toes to the top of your head
And decided to embroider them on plain linen fabric.
After cutting 2 circles of fabric ( using a plate as a template) I used a magical object: the Friction Pilot pen! A must have for anyone who likes to embroider: you can write, trace, draw, whatever you like, embroider it and make it dissapear completly just by ironning your fabric.

Je voulais que mon porte épingle soit très spécial et reflète vraiment ce que j aime, j ai donc choisi les premiers mots de la chanson de Nick Cave WE REAL COOL:
Who took your measurements from your toes to the top of your head
Et ai décidé de les broder sur du lin uni.
J ai donc coupé les 2 ronds de tissu nécéssaires et ai utilisé le magique stylo Pilot Friction ( vous pouvez tracer ce que vous souhaitez, broder, puis tout effacer d un coup de fer à repasser!)

An important thing to be aware of is that the size of your template really should be bigger than the finished size you would like for your pincushion.
I used this plate to draw around on the fabric and had thar size of pincushion at the end…..

I bought lovely vintage silk embroidery thread last time I was in Brighton, at Snoopers Paradise. I just fell in love with these vibrant colours and decided to go for the yellow with a thick fuschia cotton embroidery thread to create the tufts.

J ai choisi de broder le texte en jaune avec du fil de soie vintage trouvé chez Snoopers Paradise à Brighton et ai décidé de l assortir à un épais coton à broder fushia pour entourer le porte épingle.

Once the embroidery finished, I sewed the 2 circles right sides together leaving a 5 cm openning , and clipping around.

Apres avoir fini la broderie, j ai cousu les 2 cercles de tissu, endroit contre endroit, en laissant une ouverture de 5 cm , puis j ai cranté le pourtour.

I then finished it and VOILA!

WE REAL COOL, Best sewing song always?

A song whose first words are:
“Who took your measurements
From your toes to the top of your head”
Could probably be in the Top Ten of the best sewing songs!
That' s why I chose these lyrics as a king of welcoming prayer glued to my sewing room s door!
Enjoy that amazing performance by Nick Cave, a very special moment for me….

Une chanson qui commence par:
“Who took your measurements
From your toes to the top of your head”

Peut figurer sans problème dans le Top des chansons de la Couturière!
C' est pour cela que j ai choisi ces mots comme un hymne de Bienvenue collé à la porte de mon atelier!
Délectez vous de cette superbe performance de Nick Cave, un moment personnel très intense…..